The government of Laoshan District wants to create a new living area along the Zhang Cun River. Size of river: 9,53 km, 25.000 people in the area now.
The regeneration of the river itself has already been finished. Now it is necessary to plan the urban area.

The Laoshan Region is one of the key regions for development. First of all we should foster integration of the economies lying in the planning area and raise the modernization level, the quality and competitiveness of the whole region.
The Zhang Cun project will be an ecological, cultural and economic strip that integrates ecological protection with tourism, gardening, high-tech park, high-grade residential community and key small towns for the positive vision of the region.

The planning and desingning of the whole area shall predict and recognice, possible requirements of future life, fulfill the trends of multy-culture and individualization, embody the unification of rationality and advancement, and guarantee long term value and assets interest of the residential industrial and touristic area.

Humanity spirit history of Laoshan district should become an important part of the cultural connotation of this project in regard of the regional history.

This project shall protect and optimize natural environment, make use of and improve the regional ecologic status and scenery resources, and develop a healthy cost-effective and beautiful project.

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    Laoshan District – Quingdao – Shandong Province | China